16MP 1080P Video Wildlife Trail Camera Photo Trap Outdoor Infrared Hunting Cameras Wildlife Wireless Surveillance Tracking Cams

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16MP 1080P Video Wildlife Trail Camera Photo Trap Outdoor Infrared Hunting Cameras Wildlife Wireless Surveillance Tracking Cams

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*1. Model: PR700

*2. Color: camouflage

*3. Material: ABS

*4. Dimensions: 145x110x90mm

*5. Power Supply: 8*AA(not included

*6. Voltage: DC 5V

*7. Photo: 16MP/12MP/8MP/5MP/3MP/1.3MP(*JPG)

*8. Video: 1080P/720P/VGA

*9. Night Vision Distance: 15-20m

*10. Night Vision Light: 34pcs 940nm no glow lights

*11. Trigger Time: 0.2-0.6 seconds

*12. Sensor Distance: 1-20m

*13. Sensing Angle: 120 degrees

*14. Lens Angle: 120 degrees

*15. Number of Sensor: 1 piece

*16. Sensors: 1.3 million

*17. Sensor Angle: 90°

*18. Prepare Sensor Angle: left 30° and right 30°

*19. Lens: f = 6.0mm f/no = 2.8FOV = 72

*20. Loudspeaker: Yes

*21. ISO: automatic

*22. Interval: 2 seconds to 30 minutes (default is 15 seconds)

*23. Video Recording: 10 seconds/20 seconds/30 seconds/1 minute/2 minutes/3 minutes

*24. Photographing Pixels: 16MP

*25. Continuous Shooting: 1/2/3

*26. Night Vision Filter: auto

*27. Display: 2.0-inch LCD

*28. Working Mode: photo/video/3 photo+10s video

*29. Interface: USB, TF card slot

*30. Vision: day and night vision

*31. Storage: TF card, 4-32GB (not included)

*32. TFT display: yes

*33. Standby Time: 8 months

*34. Waterproof: IP54

*35. Operating: -10℃~+60℃/-14℉~+120℉

*36. Language: English/Chinese(Simplified)/Chinese(Traditional)/Japanese/Korean/Russian/French/German/Czech/Portugal/Poland/Netherlands


*1. This trail camera with motion sensor is motion-activated at 20m(65ft) away, and the triggering speed is fast. The camera with an automatic day and night sensor provides 12MP photos and 1080P video to help you better understand the daily activities and habits of wild animals.

*2. Built-in 34pcs 940nm no-glow LEDs works at night without scaring animals away. Setting the extremely simple multiple modes allows you to record every exciting moment as needed.

*3. The trigger speed of 0.2 seconds and the detection angle of 120 degrees ensure that actions can be quickly captured every time an animal passes by, Mini size with camouflage color makes the camera an invisible device that does not invade the natural habitat.

*4. Even on rainy days, the IP54 waterproof housing ensures normal operation of the camera, making it very suitable for many occasions, such as wildlife observation, home security and so on.

*5. With the help of wall-mounted and tree-shaped strap, the hunting camera can be fixedly fixed on the wall or ceiling and tree.

How to Use:

*1. Install batteries and insert a memory card of 4G~32GB properly(formatted before use).

*2. Switch to the SETUP position, and set menu, mode, parameters, etc.

*3. Turn the switch to the ON position, wait for 10 seconds, the screen will go out and enter sensing mode. If motion-activated, the camera takes a picture/video and save it on the memory card.

*4. Turn the switch to the SETUP position again, the screen is on, press the REPLAY key to check the camera photos/video files. Press the MENU key to choose to delete the photos/video files.

*5. Turn the switch OFF, connect the USB cable to the computer, the screen is on, select the memory, and you can transfer the photos/video files on the memory card to the computer. Select PC camera, the camera can be used as a computer camera.

Package Includes:

1 x Trail Camera

2 x USB Cable

1 x Strap

1 x User’s Manual

Additional Information

Ships From

China, United States, SPAIN, France

Night Vision Distance




Model Number






Power Supply

8xAA(not included)








as shown

Trigger Time

0.2-0.6 seconds

Night Vision Light

34pcs 940nm no glow lights

Sensor Distance


Sensing Angle

120 degrees

Number of Sensor

1 piece


1.3 million

Sensor Angle


Prepare Sensor Angle

left 30 and right 30


f =6.0mm f/no =2.8FOV=72






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